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1. Describe the End product name?
    End product name:
(e.g.: Aerospace Blade, Gas Turbine, Machinery and etc)
2. Application Information
(List Specific Metal e.g. SS, Alloy Steel and etc)
    B.Shadowed Areas? : Yes No Not Sure
    C. Processes
         1. Chemical
         Acid Stripping Anodizing Plating Chemical Milling
        What Chemical is use and duration of the process?
         2. Coatings
         Air Plasma Spray Painting and Power Coating
        For air plasma spray what the duration and cycle time
        3. Metal Finishing
         Grit Blasting Shot Peening Vibratory Finishing
        Type of abrasive use and cycle duration
        4. Parts Handling
         General Masking (Protection)
        5. Manufacturing Aids
         Machining Airflow Testing
3. What is the expected monthly production volume?
4. Is it a new project? Yes No
    A. What is the current chemistry?
     Tapes Waxes Boots and Caps Lacquers
            (Attach material specification e.g. PDS, TDS, PS, TI)
    B. Reason for the change?
5. How do you plan to dispense and cure on the proposed material?
     Manual Automation
6. Adhesive Requirements:
A  Viscosity (cps)
B  Hardness / Flexibility
C  Thermal Limit
Other Adhesive Requirement
Other Testing
ADE Proposal and Comment: