Flexible Medical Device 
Adhesives for Plastics

INCURE M-614 is a flexible medical device adhesive formulated for very fast bonding of various rigid and flexible plastics typically used in the manufacture of medical device assemblies. M-614 is a thixotropic, medical-grade, uv curing adhesive that shows excellent strength and flexibility to bonding dissimilar substrates. M-614's thixotropic viscosity makes it ideal for applications in which migration must be avoided.

• Thixotropic
• Single Component
• Ultra Fast Curing
• Tack-Free
• Tested to ISO 10993-5

      Description M-614              
      Type Modified Acrylate              
      Clear/Appearance Light Straw Liquid              
      Specific Gravity, g/cc 1.1              
      Viscosity, nominal, cps 3000              
      Shore Hardness, D 57              
      Elongation, % 400              
      Tested to Meet 10993-5              
      Packaging 10ml syringe / 30ml syringe / 160ml cartridge / 1 litre  / 15 litre pail        

INCURE UV Medical Device adhesives are one-part component, 100% solids, solvent-free and they cure in seconds upon exposure to uv light. These medical adhesives deliver optimum speed and performance when cured with INCURE UV/Visible light curing spot lamps and flood lamps.  Increase the value of your investments with increased output, lower maintenance and energy costs.